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18 Ways In Which You Can Burn 1,000 Calories Without Even Realising

Do you want to drop that extra pound or two in your body with these tips? Then check them out!

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Whether the gym is your go-to place for weight loss or simply wants to lose a few pounds, burning 1,000 calories a day will not happen overnight. However, the simple solutions that can help in making this goal quite achievable are worth considering, especially if you’re not an expert at working out doing no cardio or other exercise.

1. If You Can't Find A Workout That Gets Your Heart Pumping, Try One Of These Activities Instead:

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Baking cookies or drinking green tea every morning–both work wonders, right? They’re great for boosting metabolism and also adding some much-needed protein and fibre to your diet. Just try baking something like this cookie dough cake recipe first thing. Get in shape by keeping track of how many calories you eat each day during the week and also add those on an app that gets notified when you’ve reached 200 calories, so that you know what to do next.

2. Create a Weightlifting Workout For Those Exhausted Noises That Aren't Worth The Effort:

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If you're feeling tired after a workout, try lifting weights and performing a series of different exercises to push yourself more than usual. This way, you’ll be able to burn more calories during the long break between sets. In case you need more convincing, try a little less intensely. You won’t have such a hard time with a good set of dumbbells.

3. Make Use Of Callisthenics App Like Ever For Extra Energy Boost:

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With all that online and offline activity, it doesn’t take much thought to grab a pair of a calculator on your phone where you can easily see the calorie intake. Don’t worry about remembering how many calories (or in case you don't exercise, know the difference between active and sedentary). Add it to the app like never before. Not only will you be able to calculate the number of calories per minute, but also remember how many minutes or hours of work you’ve dedicated to the task. This way, you’ll forget how exhausting it is while also boosting your energy levels.

4. Pick Up A HIIT Workout Plan Like Never Before:

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An intense short workout with high intensity can boost our body’s endurance levels and make you feel better afterward, which is exactly what we need from workouts. There are so many ways to achieve high weights in such a short amount of time, so pick up that plan that gives your muscles enough time for recovery, and then complete it with a long run. This way, you’ll increase your overall fitness. Add this plan to whatever workout program you’re using for getting fitter in your daily routine.

5. Stick To High Cardiovascular Fitness:

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When it comes to exercising, you might feel exhausted, but running along the streets and driving around will always give you more energy than a jog. So, find a circuit workout where you can run along major highways, the city streets, or your family’s road. Or just walk around the neighbourhood. It’ll do you well just as a toned muscle and also teach you to push yourself the most when needed.

6. Avoid All Gym Exercises:

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Going for a jog outside the gym, walking around, and running on empty roads are all very easy ways to waste your energy and make you look bad. Plus, they don’t produce any positive effects on your health. So, avoid going to the gym at least for a month a week.

7. Drink Some Green Tea:

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I mean, just go out and buy some real tea, make it yourself, let it cool down for 5 minutes, drink, and repeat. But maybe not. Instead, try to reach for a cup of green tea, and drink it regularly. You’ll notice soon that your metabolism will start heating, hence your fat loss.

8. Spend More Time On Aerobics:

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Yes, aerobics are still some of the best forms of bodybuilding because you literally only use your maximum strength, thus leaving no room for any weakness. This means that you’ll not only be able to burn lots of calories during the sessions, but also be able to build a solid frame. Also, aerobics help improve memory, which leads to better reading skills and more effective multitasking.

9. Be Active At Home:

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Sometimes you get lazy with time, so spend more time outdoors to fight against the outside world. Go running, play basketball, jog around your apartment and spend 30–40 minutes outside your house.

10. Perform Each Exercise While Resting:

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Whenever you’ve found yourself being tired from a hard workout, you should perform a series of exercises again. Such as jumping jacks, squats, jumping kicks, wall climbs, and similar ones. You don’t want to overdo it if you don’t have time. So, put on your sneakers, get on your bike, grab the nearest bottle of water and get started. Try going for at least 10 minutes and then rest for another four. Repeat the process until you’re done.

11. Take Longer Breaks Between Training Sessions:

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I’m sure you’ve heard all the arguments regarding training as a beginner. Well, there are still reasons for that. First of all, you want to make sure you’re in shape and strong. Second, it takes a longer period of time between training sessions. Third, you need to make sure that you push yourself each time you train, to keep improving and becoming stronger. Finally, you don’t want to overdo your physical exercise routine, since it can harm your body and cause injuries.

12. Train Daily, Or Few Times Per Week:

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Maybe you’re afraid to give up any of your favourite routines, so if you train just once, you'll not need to come back to it until you get bored with the same routine. Start off with a basic 3–4 times a week, and only then, change it. Next, go two times per week. By the end of four weeks, you’ll have seen big changes in your own physique and it will help you figure out whether to push yourself harder or switch it up.

13. Set Goals, And Achieve Them As Fast As Possible:

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What if you could reach your goals every single day? What do I mean by that? Let’s say you wanted to lose 12 pounds, and a year ago, you wanted to shed a few inches from your waist. If you achieved all of that, wouldn’t you get frustrated? But you didn’t. Now, what do you want to achieve? You obviously want to be fit and healthy. How am I supposed to achieve that goal in my life if I’ve been lazy with everything else? So setting goals is smart, and so many people fail at their own targets each year.

14. Move Around Too Often:

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We often think that we can’t move for too much, but research shows that our limbs are designed in such a way that they can only function at certain capacities, and more than half of us can’t move for over five minutes without falling. So, don’t be afraid of moving around so much, it just makes your legs a little tired. Besides, moving around is beneficial for your brain and the rest of your body since it helps it focus on your exercise. You’ll also remember how much fun the last session was, so your confidence will rise again.

15. Keep Track Of Everything You Do In Life:

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Remember who you are. Who were you a year ago? What do you eat every day? Who did you run with? Where did you go? The list goes on and on. Write each and everything you’ve accomplished in a journal and stick it somewhere visible.

16. Eat Small Meals

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I mean, don’t stop eating at all. You want to fill up for a meal in three seconds, don’t you? That means, stop buying small-sized meals and go for large meals! Even though they might seem small compared to the whole plate, you can just fit into a bigger bite without breaking a sweat. Plus, it boosts stamina and makes sure you have sufficient reserves of energy for the following training session.

17. Switch Out Carbs For Proteins:

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This is another piece of advice that everyone has heard about. Yet, few of us actually try it. Eating pasta is one of these things. You could have a nice slice of pizza and a big bottle of red wine without breaking a sweat. Most likely, you could even save up to 40%-60% of your regular expenses to buy fancy foods.

18. Run Away From Any Form Of Obesity:

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Another reason for a happy, healthy body is having the right amount of body fat. It doesn’t matter if your body type is muscular, fat, or skinny, the key is staying in shape or pushing yourself through any resistance. But what if it’s difficult for you to lose mass? That’s why it has become really important for men and women to control their obesity. Because the sooner obesity becomes a problem, the faster you can fall and cheat. So, learn to love your body.

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