Covid: Protect elderly from rising virus levels in UK

Experts say Covid is on the rise again in the UK, and people who feel unwell should avoid friends, colleagues, and relatives at risk as a precaution.

The data shows that 1.3 million people or one in 50 people are infected with Covid, with a "marked increase" in infections among those over the age of 70 in England.

There are no new restrictions, but people are reminded of extra care and protection of the elderly.

There are fears of a "pandemic" of flu and Covid this winter, and whoever qualifies for free vaccines must be infected.

Reminders, emails, and letters will be sent next week to more than 6 million people in at-risk groups, according to NHS England.

UK national statistician Sir Ian Diamond told the BBC it was too early to describe what was happening as a "winter wave", but it could turn into a single wave.

We should keep up with exceptionally elevated degrees of immunization ingestion all through our country, he said.

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The latest figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) indicate that Covid affects:

  • One in 50 people in England (up from one in 65)
  • One in 50 people in Wales (as before)
  • One of every 40 in Northern Ireland (from one out of 80)
  • One in 45 in Scotland (as before)

The estimates are based on thousands of random tests conducted on people in private homes across the UK two weeks ago, whether they developed symptoms.

Covid: Protect elderly from rising virus levels in UK

Meanwhile, Covid hospital admissions in England are also on the rise.

Rates are the highest among people age 85 and older, at 132.3 per 100,000.

This is a rise from 80.1 which is the highest rate for this age group since late July.

However, about two-thirds of hospitalized patients who have tested positive for Covid are mainly treated for something else.

Not worrisome, but disturbing

Dr Mary Ramsey of the UKHSA said that with people returning from holidays and children returning to school, spikes were expected.

She told the BBC that the omicron variants of Covid, which had been circulating for some time caused most of the infections.

"This is not driven by a new variable, so it's hard to say how long this will last through the winter now that people are in this situation–going back to work, going back to school. Said.

Professor Mark Wolhaus, an infectious disease expert at the University of Edinburgh, said the figures were "not yet worrisome" but disturbing.

Dr Susan Hopkins, chief medical adviser at the UKHSA's Health Security Agency, warned that cases and hospitalization rates were at their "highest level in months".

As more outbreaks occurred, I asked people to help protect the most vulnerable.

On the off chance that you are wiped out, it is essential to stay away from contact with the older or the individuals who are bound to foster difficult sickness because of their continuous ailments.

If you develop symptoms of respiratory inflammation, wearing a face covering will also help stop the spread of infection, she said.

Covid: Protect elderly from rising virus levels in UK