Stevens Online MBACredible Online Mba Programs

Indiana University's town Kelley college of Business has continually hierarchical beloved within the high on-line Master in Business programs, and it is the solely commanding program that has been reasonable and added. This top-rated program offers flexible schedules, "several networking opportunities," and dedicated professors "get." Professors use "high-quality materials", give "personal attention", and can keep students engaged online just as if they were actually sitting in class. One student says, The proven fact that on-line school square measure identical professors WHO teach Master in Business courses in the flesh may be a massive and, because the on-line program directly reflects the physical program.

Online MBA students agree that IU professors are "nothing less than exceptional." "There are times when I am amazed at how organized my professors are. They're always on top of things, and the quality of teaching is exceptional," says one student. They are able to detail concepts using "real-world business examples."

The school administration runs a "Global Week on Campus" and provides outstanding comprehensive support to students. Another unique feature of the program is the option for students to earn a dual master's degree (MBA/MSc). Although the majority of students attending Kelley's MBA program already have a background in business, one student said, "This was particularly attractive to me, because I don't have an undergraduate degree in business administration."

Stevens Online MBACredible Online Mba Programs

While completing online MBA coursework "definitely puts time at the highest price," Kelley's program certainly allows "maximum flexibility without compromising on quality." At first glance, students may find rigorous coursework" daunting, however, the program is certainly designed to accommodate adults with professional and/or family priorities. Students can watch recorded lectures, study, and complete work at a time that suits them, however, they find time for their own personal interests.

It's extremely a program designed for those who square measure strict regular jobs and want to be ready to manage their time on their own," says one student. On-line classmates cite one another greatly, occupation themselves "driven", "bright", "professional" and extremely revered in their fields. Though they're terribly formidable, they're conjointly "players during a team".

Undergrad GPA: 3.37

Work experience: 10.0 years

Applicants: 2,951

Acceptance rate: 36%

Life expectancy: 33

Online Registration: 1544

Total tuition fee: $78,246

Average GMAT score: 652

Average starting salary: $125.140

Stevens Online MBACredible Online Mba Programs